5 Fashion Pieces So Versatile, Publishers Buy them Again and Again


Simple white T-shirts, good denim shoes and slip-on sneakers can bring out different parts of an outfit, but all have one thing in common: total versatility. Look at each girl’s wardrobe and you’ll be sure to find similar basics that you can wear, remove and wear as the seasons go by. Our publishers are not different.

To see which fashion items they chose, we asked five publishers to share a piece they bought over the years (or are currently available in multiple copies!). Read on to see their advice and hear why they think they are needed. Because they are easy to style, neutral in color and incredibly comfortable, you will probably notice a pattern in their responses.

The undergarment
“I have a pretty bad habit of buying different repetitions of the same thing, but my real weakness is the black underwear.” While my friend would object, the four that I am currently in my closet are all separate and serve different purposes likes the details that can vary on each dress, be it the neckline, the thickness of the band, the length, the material or the slot, in addition to the fact that they are all so easy to put on or to throw even by adding a fifth version ($ 75) to my collection, of course, I never have enough. – Stephanie Nguyen, Associate Native Fashion Editor

Comfortable kicks
“Keds Champion Originals in Classic White is one of the first pair of sneakers I had when I was a kid, they were a status symbol among my peers, and I would be proud to be part of those white kicks. . ” and now I take a new style every year because they are so funny, versatile and easy. My favorite new is the Leap Studio ($ 65) ultra-bleble in black that goes with everything – the shoes have elastic laces and a Neoprene tab, makes it great for shopping, traveling, or any day I need something very comfortable and cute. – Joanna Douglas, Senior Aboriginal Editorial Director

The satin cami
“Satin Camisoles ($ 25) with lace are my favorites! They are the perfect basic stylish to dress in winter with jeans and boots or under sweaters, I wear neutral tones like black and cream well with everything But I like to choose a touch of color, like red or blue, for special occasions. “- Tyler Atwood, Associate Editor

The white button
“I currently have about five white buttonholes ($ 70), but I get the impression that each season I buy a new buttonhole. I use it as a laminate under sweaters during the winter and as a standalone piece. when he warms up chic and contracted with something as simple as jeans and earrings, or can be classy and chic when I combine them with a skirt and high heels.I do not like brands, but sometimes, when I feel smart, I become the monogram cuff. – Amanda Murray, Editor-in-Chief

Versatile denim
“Skinny Skinny Jeans Madewell ($ 128) Forever and forever, they last for years and denim is so high quality that they never feel between washes.” I always have a variety of colors in rotation, and I’m holding a bunch just in case they’re hired (something I can not stand). – Lynne Lavelle, Editor-in-Chief, Housing Department


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