Zo & the Politics of Race

Obama’s presidency (assuming he wins) will do nothing to salve racial tensions. If anything it will make them worse. Imagine the atmosphere of the campaign carried over the next 4 or 8 years. Anything critical of policy, substance, etc. will be shouted down as being racist. An Obama presidency will do nothing but deepen the racial divides.

As this article notes, it is normal and understandable to want to vote for someone who is like you. Looks like you, comes from a background like yours, is the same religion, whatever the similarities. But to vote for someone based solely on those issues is irresponsible. And to vote for someone based on a desire to alleviate some imagined sin in your personal background is the height of self absorption. Yeah, hold the whole nation hostage to your journey into spiritual healing. And why isn’t voting FOR someone based on skin color just as racist as voting AGAINST someone based on skin color??

If voters genuinely believe that Obama would improve the lot of the black underclass, that’s a fair reason to vote for him. However, there’s no evidence that an Obama administration would do anything other than persist with the failed policies that have left urban black communities in their current parlous state. On the contrary, Obama, steeped in the victimology of his Marxist mentors, is likely to govern well to the left of any previous Democratic administration, and any ‘inspirational’ effect on young black men will be more than offset by his policies.

This is a link to Zo. Watch it. Definitely watch it. And he has a couple more YouTubes out as well.

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