We’re done with liberating and all that

First, Obama gives his first televised interview to an Arab station.  Which, in part, I like because it slaps the slobbering US media in the faces that he didn’t give it to one of them. Largely, I can’t believe the sheer effrontery of the man. It’s bad form for a previous US president to knock the current administration abroad. What is it for the sitting administration to knock the whole country he is in charge of?

Then, Russia gets all happy because he has decided to not pursue the missile system in Poland.  Already letting allies down – he promised Poland in November that he wouldn’t scrap this. But, as the leftards are finding out, he didn’t really mean anything he said – then or now.

Now, he’s probably gonna apologize to Iran for our “past transgressions” or whatever and further let the world know that we aren’t really all that gung-ho anymore about helping people be free.

I know I said he was my President because he was elected. He may be the President and he may be the only one we have right now. But the man has zero respect from me and I honestly don’t see what he’s gonna do that will change that. Good thing he has enough self-respect and self-adulation to get by without my contribution. He really does seem to have no concept at all of how the world works. Either that or he actually buys his own press and believes he can change the minds of the violent just by being his charming lil self.

The next time someone who voted for Obama gets all preachy with me about how much more they care about people than those evil conservatives, I’m gonna sock ‘im right in the mouth.

Via Gateway Pundit

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