Suicide Sith

For Aggie


8 Responses to “Suicide Sith”

  1. The Phil says:

    That’s the thing about Skywalkers: strong in the Force, but whiny little emos, every last one.

  2. Curtal Friar says:

    Okay, I have to know. Is that part of an actual deck, or is that just a single piece of artwork?

    If it’s a real deck, gonna have to find one.

    I collect decks of cards, especially like that.

  3. STOLEN!!!!!

    Thanks so much!!

    You love me! You REALLY love me!!!! :D

  4. Mitchell says:

    That’s really cool! And only one left!

  5. Veeshir says:

    Shouldn’t it be the Sith of Clubs?