Travel of my dreams

Chaiten Volcano in Chana, Chile

Chaiten Volcano in Chana, Chile would be something to see. Honestly, the raw power of volcanoes spooks me a bit. Not saying I’d turn down an opportunity to see one a bit closer than on television, but…I don’t want to walk on a lava field or get up close at the point where you have to wear special gear. Lava is not your friend. Ask Pompeii.

Man. Talk about being in the right place at the right time for this photo.

Click the picture to embiggen. And if you want to see more excellent photos, head here.

One Response to “Travel of my dreams”

  1. We went to Hawaii Volcanoes Nat’l Park back in 95. Got to within 1/4 mile of Kilauea, and ZOMG that was awesome!!