Thoughts halfway through this journey

This is probably Mount Si. We were driving out to Snoqualmie Falls and pulled over to take this.

Well, we’ve been here in Seattle since Saturday night.

Beautiful. Absolutely love all of the foliage on and along the highway noise walls, medians, overpasses, etc. Love it.

Could spend much more time in Pike Place Market.  Would be thrilled to live somewhere with a market half as neat.

Could probably live in Washington state but not in Seattle.  I am incapable of taking seriously anyone who minces and simpers. I would get in trouble.

I am also not skinny enough to live in Seattle. The OAM said, “Yeah, but you would do a lot more walking.” And my response was, “Sure but I also know where to find good chocolate, pastry, and bread to make up for the expended calories.”

Exhibit #1: Chocolate mousse tart with raspberry from La Reve bakery. I walked to get this.

Had lunch at the cafe in North Bend made famous in Twin Peaks for the cherry pie and “damn fine coffee.”

Yeah. The OAM on the spot assessment: it was like a Dean Koontz book. Full of promise but ultimately devoid of content with a disappointing ending. His next career is food critic.

Would slit my own and possibly other throats if I had to live in Roslyn (where Northern Exposure was filmed). Not even Thanksgiving yet and they were shoveling a lot of snow off the sidewalks.  Was gorgeous driving through Snoqualmie Pass. It looked like a German Christmas card. Could not live there.

Today hopefully better weather for a few hours to get back out to Olympic National Park.  Can’t go up to some overlooks without snow chains but the far west rainforest side with the beaches might be okay.  And the furthest northwest point of the US is supposed to be well worth the trip, according to local coot and woodcarver at Fat Smitty’s burger joint.

Fat Smitty’s has pretty good chili fries. And a fish surrounded by dollar bills. What more could you want from a middle of nowhere roadside joint?

(All shitty pictures here are my camera phone pictures. The artist won’t release any of his shots till he approves them so I take crummy ones of my own along the way for immediate use.)

5 Responses to “Thoughts halfway through this journey”

  1. Andy says:

    I’d say something here about being your tour guide in my fair state, but you’ve already seen more of it than I have in 6 years. Well done. Hope you’re having fun!

  2. Grammy says:

    My Daughter and S.I.L. live across the sound from Seattle in Poulsbo. That whole area is a gorgeous part of our country, I could happily live there! But I’m with you, not Seattle, my God the hilly streets, I’ll pass THANKS. The ferry ride to get there and Pike’s Market made it totally worth the day trip though!

  3. Laura says:

    Last time I was in Seattle we drove up to Oak Harbor, driving over Deception Pass (was on The Ring) and from there you can catch a ferry to Victoria B.C. Beautiful.

  4. Yabu says:

    If you can, take the hydrofoil from Seattle to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Juan Islands, and go Orca watching…way too cool.

  5. GOrgeous are, but I will pass for two reasons: A) I despise cold and snow, and B) I have a thing against living in a place known as the Serial Killer Capital of the US.

    However, I wouldn’t mind visiting that bakery :D