And the awesome continues

Firefly was an awesome show. There are almost no words to describe the awesome. It was a perfect storm of pinpoint casting, sharp as tacks writing and a pure love for the story and characters that came shining through in every moment.

The OAM stumbled last night across Jewel Staite’s food blog, Happy Opu. This woman may be my new hero.

Forget your diet, or your cholesterol count, or your plan to eat a salad as a meal tonight. (Also: SALAD ISN’T A MEAL.)  You need to eat this.  Starting now.

She writes like she acts. It’s utterly damn cute and completely captivating. Only problem is going to be that she doesn’t post frequently, having, yanno, a life. Unlike some of us…

And all I can say is that she must run 100 miles a minute to eat like she says she does and look like she does.  And yet I can’t find it in me to hate her for that…


5 Responses to “And the awesome continues”

  1. Laura says:


    I do like her philosophy about eating, though I personally have to run 100 miles a minute to keep from having to do my shopping from one of those Walmart scooters. I come from fat Irish peasant stock that stores everything as fat because of all those potato famines my people had to go through.

  2. David says:

    Like the approach to food @Happy Opu, but more like “opu”. 30-*mumble-mumble* years ago, I thought I coined “opu” to refer to the belly button of a certain lady (who I’ve been married to for the intervening years since :-)). then later taught the neologism to my kids as I sang The Opu Song to them (nonsense song about parts of their bodies) from the cradle until they grew out of it. Fun to think that the “opu” I thought a neologism for “belly button” (navel, umbilicus, whatever) is actually a Hawai’ian word for “belly” (or thereabouts). Perhaps I’m an unconscious Hawai’ian? Channeling a big Hawai’i maoli? (Yeh, I paused just now to look that one up *heh*) Could be… Or maybe “opu” is just a natural word for such a thing in the Ur-language of Man, from way, way before Babel… ;-)

  3. Totally awesome blog. I would have written a comment here sonner, but it sucked me in…