Disappointment, followed by acceptance of reality

We traded in my needed-a-new-transmission-at-92000-miles Trailblazer on Black Friday and the OAM got a new Xterra. (I got his Infiniti as a hand-me-down (only one hand though, ba-dum-dum) and even at 155k miles I think I got a good deal).

When cleaning out my Trailblazer, I ran across this box.

I’m getting a bit excited wondering what lovely shiny I had misplaced and forgotten, now to discover anew.

It was an empty chocolate box.

Makes perfect sense. And I probably really enjoyed those chocolates. My life in a nutshell (or empty box as the case may be): when offered jewelry or chocolate, my choice is apparently clear.

4 Responses to “Disappointment, followed by acceptance of reality”

  1. It’s the better choice ;)

  2. Mitchell says:

    It’s like finding out that something like this exists but only a theoretical design and not actually for sale anywhere.

    Ah well.

  3. Laura says:

    At least the box was pretty enough to think something might be in it. All you find in my car are empty bags of Circus Peanuts and scratched off non-winning lottery tickets.

  4. CGHill says:

    There are worse things in life than old Infinitis. (I have a shade over 140k on mine.)