The gentle, dulcet tones of morning

Such idiots. The sound of crinkling plastic wakes you up first. Then loud licking. And you think, “surely he’ll stop soon. How long can a cat lick a plastic bag with no flavor?” (The answer is apparently: for hours) But before you can test that thought, the second one starts in by chewing on anything cardboard. Or paper. Or anything else she can get her teeth around. And then the first idiot snorts because he’s snuffled plastic bag over his nose.

Lick, lick, chew, thump, rip, snorfle-snort, lick, lick…

So. I guess it’s time to get up.



12 Responses to “The gentle, dulcet tones of morning”

  1. David says:

    They say (whoever “they” are–always wondered about that) pets and their owners take on each others’ characteristics…



  2. David says:

    “Annoying”? Oh, I would have gone for “entertaining”. ;-)

  3. Laura says:

    Thelma loves licking plastic too! She will lick and chew on it for hours, driving me insane until I get up and chase her away from whatever it is.

  4. Fluffy McWhiskers says:

    Licking plastic: it’s a cat-thing. You wouldn’t understand.

  5. fillyjonk says:

    Patty, one of my parent’s Siamese (may she rest in peace) was a HUGE fan of plastic bags, too. We couldn’t leave bags around because she’d lick them, and then start chewing them, and we were afraid that she’d ingest some of the plastic and choke.

    It does seem to be a Siamese thing. I’ve known cats of other breeds that totally ignore plastic bags.

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve never had a cat who had a plastic thing till this Siamese. One had a thing with a slick parachute type material covered Pooh Bear pillow. That fascination was quite unseemly…

  6. David says:

    Of the six cats (one who predated my Wonder Woman in my life, and who resented her greatly for several years *heh*) that have been featured “occupiers” (and rulers, to one degree or another) of our married life, only one has had a fascination with plastic, and that only with plastic bags. All we had to do to keep her occupied for hours was to toss a plastic bag on the floor or wad one up and throw it past her. She’d hunt it down, subdue it and crawl inside and “play” it to pieces, slowly.

    Strange cat. Also came to “pizza”. No, not the word. She’d hover over my shoulder and wait for the crust, and I had BETTER give it to her–or else! (Yes, she was a literal shoulder-sitter, and Kay bar the door, if she didn’t get to shoulder-sit on pizza night!)