Next Christmas: The pooping log. Gotta be done.


While Americans gather around the Christmas tree to open presents, in Catalonia, families gather around the “caga tio,” a log that’s decorated with a cartoon face and plied with treats in the weeks before Christmas. On Christmas day, the children sing a song and beat the log with sticks until it “poops” out presents (caga is the Catalonian equivalent of “caca,” and literally means “pooping log”). The log’s backside is covered with a blanket, and when the song is done and the presents have all been pooped out, parents pull back the covers to reveal the log’s scatological bounty. It’s a Christmas miracle!

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One Response to “Next Christmas: The pooping log. Gotta be done.”

  1. David says:

    Hmmm, sounds a lot like my own Xmases as a kid, even though we usually had a Xmas tree and didn’t beat it (until after Xmas when my brother and I would hack off some of the limbs–all on one side–and use it along with other Xmas trees gathered from the neighborhood to build a fort that lasted until Dad decided it was too much of a fire hazard… ), but we usually had crap presents, for sure. *shrugs* idn’t really matter, cos we’d usually make better ones from the wrappings (ever seen a kite made from used Xmas wrapping paper? Cool stuff, and flying kites in the winter? Cooler. Much. *shiver*)