What the boys did last weekend

I really need to up the life insurance on the OAM.

Frustrated in their search of photography material, they went offroading on 40-45 degree grades in Kansas Rocks. I guess I should be happy it wasn’t snowing or icing at the time.

They also went offroad in the chat dunes of Picher, Oklahoma.


If he ever can’t afford gas, he’ll be impossible to live with because he won’t be able to wander aimlessly.

On the plus side, if he continues to wander as he has been (and with the new truck he can be even more fearless than he was previously), and I do up that life insurance policy, there will be tons of cruises to warm places in my future. :)

3 Responses to “What the boys did last weekend”

  1. David says:

    My Wonder Woman might like a Norwegian cruise or some such (maybe; she’s kind of a homebody like me). Hmmm, have life insurance, so I guess what I’m doing wrong is not living more dangerously, eh? I suppose it’d sure enhance her retirement to 1. not have me underfoot all the time and 2. have a bigger nest egg.

    I’ll have to consider taking climbing up again. With my knees, I’m sure to kill myself more quickly that way than just using power tools around the house.

    (She just told me to not post this, but since I’m now living dangerously… )

    • Nicole says:

      Live dangerously! And since power tools will make a mess for your Wonder Woman to clean up, taking up climbing is a far more considerate choice of recklessness. :)

      My only retirement plan (other than the lottery) is to be prepared for something untoward to happen to the OAM. Sure, I’d rather he was around to share retirement with me, but realistically… He’s already at normal life expectancy for someone in his family plus he’s pretty prone to getting himself and his pal into situations without completely knowing how they’ll get back out. It generally seems to be solved just fine, but someday his luck will run out.

      Chances are, though, that before his luck runs out I’ll die of too much chocolate consumption. :)

  2. Uh…whoa!!

    Wanderlust is fine. Trying to shorten your lifespan is not :D