I’m baaaack…


Thanks to all who visited over the last week, commenting or not. :)


I should be unstressed now and ready to jump back into the real world. Sigh. :)

Saw lots of iguanas. There was a stream we crossed over going to and from our room. Either side was apparently an iguana haven. Sunny branches out over the water where no one can bother them. We counted three monster orange iguanas (3 1/2-4 feet long) one day along with five plain old grey iguanas of large size (2-3 feet long) and one smaller grey one (about 1 1/2 feet long). Phone picture is bad – way too far away for my little zoom – but here it is anyway.


Plus, there was one lil’ guy on one of the islands in the pools one day.



The property was simply beautiful.


Amazingly clean, super friendly and hardworking staff, so relaxing. We spent two whole days doing absolutely nothing from 9-5 but lying by the pools.


Two days we went into Playa del Carmen proper, walked the beach and looked in shops.


Aunt V & Mom on the beach

Aunt V & Mom on the beach

One day we went to the nature/cultural park, Xcaret and swam the underground river. One day was a spa day…of course. :)

Now we are, if not tan, less fish belly white, relaxed and recharged. Which is good. I am jumping right back into a delayed deadline at work this week.

2 Responses to “I’m baaaack…”

  1. Marcel says:

    Nice. It looks like one of those beautiful places you’ll probably never go, except you did.

  2. Laura says:

    Welcome back! Looks like a great place to escape winter!