And they are even in adult sizes (up to 9 at least)

Stompeez. They pop up ears and mouths and eyes when you step. Or stomp as the case may be.

2013-01-28 07.20.18 pm

2013-01-28 07.20.42 pm

2013-01-28 07.23.09 pm

I’d provide a link, but they have a pop-up when you try to close the tab for the window that won’t go away without you clicking on it or closing the browser (at least in Firefox) and that might piss you off as much as it does me. So I’ll just tell you that they are at (which you probably could have sussed out on your own) and they are $20 each, buy 2 and get free shipping. They also have a few styles of puppies and other miscellaneous cute ‘n’ fuzzies. Probably made in China with lead filling.

3 Responses to “And they are even in adult sizes (up to 9 at least)”

  1. David says:

    Didn’t notice any popups/unders, but then I use Opera.

    You could try Amazon, though, if popups from the official site bug ya:

    The tinyurl above was made from an Amazon search that included a tag identifying my browser, so it’ll either work or not. But one couldalways do as I did after visiting the Stompeez site and being annoyed by the “music” and just search Amazon. I can’t even tell if the “growling dragon” comes in a size that’d fit me, though, so I’m growlin’ a bit myself. . . ;-)

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah, I think the 9 would fit me, but my aunt would not be able to wear a 9 and she’d love the bunnies.

      I didn’t notice the music. I never have my sound on unless I’m specifically wanting to listen to a music site or a video. Too many unwanted auditory intrusions. :)

      And the reviews at Amazon are not very good. Probably won’t be getting any. Cute idea, though.

  2. Veeshir says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this when you posted it.

    I’m going to have to link it so pretend it’s recent when I do.